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February’s Enamel Pin Club Design Reveal: the Dumbo Octopus

I launched my wildlife-themed enamel pin club back in January 2018. This month, it celebrates its two year anniversary! On this special occasion, I bring you an animal very dear to my heart: the Dumbo Octopus.

A design visual of a stylized dumbo octopus enamel pin. This pin will feature raised metal outlines plated with rose gold metal. The pin will have two colors: white and black, both mixed with a swirly pearlescent enamel effect.
Dumbo Octopus Enamel Pin: Pearl Edition

Evy B’s Monthly Enamel Pin Club

My enamel pin club produces new and exciting designs every single month! By signing up for a membership through Patreon, you’ll be able to jump on and off whenever it suits you.

The Moon Dumbo Octopus designs featured in this post will be sent out to all Pin Club members who sign up before February 1st, 2021. However, I do order extra pins in order to make sure future members will be able to complete the sets. So, if you join my enamel pin club after February 21st, you might still be able to pick up the Dumbo pins from my Patreon Secret Shop.

About the Dumbo Octopus

When a Grimpoteuthis octopus swims, its big flapping head fins create a stunning resemblance to Disney’s adorable flying elephant, Dumbo. Due to this resemblance, it has been given the nickname “Dumbo octopus”.

A cute cartoon-style enamel pin featuring a deep-sea species of umbrella octopus: the Dumbo Octopus. This pin badge is made from hard enamel and gold plated raised metal outlines.
Previous Work: Squishy Dumbo Octopus Enamel Pin (available in-store)

Want more Dumbo octopus pins? If you followed my work back in 2019, you might be aware that this is not my first time dabbling in Dumbo octopus pins…

A dumbo octopus enamel pin in rainbow metal, surrounded by foam candies shaped like space ships and other fun shapes.
Rainbow metal Dumbo octopus enamel pin (available in-store)

However, for my Moon collection, I’m featuring an entirely different species!

New Species, You Say?

Despite often being referred to as one species, there are actually 17 or so species of the Dumbo octopus. All species are of the Grimpoteuthis genus, and very little is known about them. However, we know of a couple of traits that have allowed us to group them together:

  • They’re umbrella-shaped octopuses with fins.
  • They all have fins protruding from the sides of their mantles, just above their eyes.
Cute pink Dumbo octopus wooden pin by Evy Benita
Cute pink wooden Dumbo octopus pin (available in-store)

Introducing a Grimpoteuthis Bathynectes “Dumbo Octopus” Enamel Pin

This month, I welcome the Grimpoteuthis Bathynectes into my Moon collection. The Grimpoteuthis Bathynectes, or Bathy for short, is a visually sharp species of deep-sea dumbo octopus.

A design visual of a star chart-inspired enamel pin. The enamel pin features a Dumbo Octopus, a deep-sea species of umbrella octopus, within the symbol of waning crescent moon phase.
Dumbo Octopus Enamel Pin: Star Edition

There are only 13 confirmed individuals of the Grimpoteuthis Bathynectes species, and I think it will make a wonderful guardian of the waning crescent moon phase.

Moon: a Cosmic Sea Trek

Moon is a branching enamel pin collection from my Cosmic Sea series. This eight-piece collection features the phases of the moon, and pairs them up with the zones of the ocean.

Past Designs from my Moon Collection

Part of Evy Benita's monthly enamel pin club: "Moon - a Cosmic Sea Trek" is an eight-piece enamel pin collection by Evy Benita, and features sea creatures combined with phases of the moon. This particular set features hard enamel, raised outlines with gold metal plating, and a color palette inspired by vintage star charts.

So far, four designs have been revealed. The fifth Moon enamel pin will be revealed in March 2021, and the final piece of the series will surface in the following June.

Part of Evy Benita's monthly enamel pin club: "Moon - a Cosmic Sea Trek" is an eight-piece enamel pin collection by Evy Benita, and features sea creatures combined with phases of the moon. The image reveals four of the eight designs in the series, all featuring rose gold plated outlines in raised metal, and pearlescent hard enamel.

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My pin club is based in the UK, and ships worldwide! You can join today through my Patreon. During the duration of your membership, you also have access to a 15% discount on close to everything in my shop (only excludes pre-order listings).

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Hi! My name is Evy Benita, and I’m an illustrator and enamel pin maker. I started my enamel pin adventure back in 2018, and since then, I have put over 500 pin designs through production

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