Face Masks, Stickers and More on Redbubble

Thank you for showing interests in masks with my designs on them! I have a growing selection of face mask designs available through my Redbubble shop, and I would be incredibly proud to see you wear them.

What is Redbubble?

Redbubble is a print-on-demand shop that gives us indie artists the opportunity to offer our designs on a wide range of high quality, reasonably priced products without having to meet high minimum order quantity limits from manufacturers. It’s a pretty cool place!

Redbubble Commissions: Truth vs. Myth

In my opinion, Redbubble gives artists a fair commission per product sold. When you sign up, your account is set up to give you 20% from the sale of a product with your design on it. That’s a lot considering Redbubble takes on the responsibility of production costs, work power, packaging and shipping.

As an artist, you then have the opportunity to adjust your commission percentage on a product-to-product basis. I, for example, have my scarf commission set to 12%, as I feel this gives me enough profit. But with stickers, where the profit from 20% is very low, I have my commission set at 27%.

Multiple Mask Designs!

If I was to order in face masks and ship them myself, I would have to order in a minimum of 100 per design, and charge £14-£20 per mask.

On Redbubble, I’m able to offer adult face masks at £12, and if you order four or more, the unit price goes down to £9.60 per mask (pricing as per Oct 12th, 2020). Check out my funky face mask shop section here! 🙂

Redbubble also does not require minimum order quantities to be met, which means I can offer you as many designs as I’d like! And because I don’t have to spend time preparing production artwork or packing the orders myself, this allows me to spend more time illustrating and creating content for you guys through Instagram, YouTube and Patreon 🙂