Enamel Pins by EvyB

All my enamel pins are designed inside a disrupted circular frame. I like to think of them as lockets that keep little moments in time, with their moments coming to life and streaming out of them.

Winter: Tranquil Forest Animals

Hard enamel pins featuring winter animals in snowy landscapes. An arctic fox, a red fox, a horned owl a lynx, a snow mink and a snow badger.
My Winter: Tranquil Forest Animals pin collection was funded on Kickstarter in November 2018.

Winter is my very first enamel pin collection. It features six enamel pins of tranquil forest animals in playful winter landscapes. The visual style was inspired by Viking shields and Norwegian rose-painting, – with a sprinkle of playfulness! 🙂

Rainbow Club

Pastel colored pangolin enamel pins with gold plating and cloud-shaped backing cards. Available through Rainbow Club: a monthly enamel pin club.
These sleepy pangolins are the first ever pins to go out to the color-loving members of Rainbow Club!

Rainbow Club is an enamel pin collection I’m creating through Patreon. The collection is inspired by sweets pastel rainbow colors and features endangered or vulnerable animal species. Every 6 months a new theme is chosen, such as Tropical Garden, Most Endangered or Coral Reef. The collection currently running is Sleeping Beauties.

Galactic Reef (coming soon!)

Galactic Reef is a collection of anodized metal enamel pins featuring sea creatures! I love the space-like feel of anodized metal, also known as rainbow metal, and I wanted to combine it with the magical mystery of life under the sea.