Enamel Pins by EvyB

Curious about my past enamel pin designs? Here they are! You’ll also find most of these in my shop 🙂

I love working with disrupted frames, with the centerpiece of the design in many cases almost breaking through. I like to think of them as lockets that keep little moments in time, with their moments coming to life and streaming out of them.

Winter: Tranquil Forest Animals Enamel Pins (2018)

Hard enamel pins featuring winter animals in snowy landscapes. An arctic fox, a red fox, a horned owl a lynx, a snow mink and a snow badger.
My Winter: Tranquil Forest Animals pin collection was funded on Kickstarter in November 2018.

Winter is my very first enamel pin collection. It features six enamel pins of tranquil forest animals in playful winter landscapes. The visual style was inspired by Viking shields and Norwegian rose-painting, – with a sprinkle of playfulness! 🙂

My Winter enamel pin collection was funded through Kickstarter in November 2018. The pins are now available in my shop 🙂

EvyB’s Rainbow Club – A Patreon Pin Club! (2019-)

Rainbow Club: a monthly enamel pin club by EvyB. Join now on Patreon!

Rainbow Club is the name of my monthly Pin Club which I run through Patreon. These pins are only available through the Member’s Exclusive Shop, which requires you to be a Patron 🙂 Every 6 months a new theme is chosen, such as Tropical Garden, Most Endangered or Coral Reef. The collection currently running is Sleeping Beauties.

The pins in Rainbow Club are designed in six-piece collections, and the one currently running is called Sleeping Beauties. The collection is available in two color palettes: Hydrangea and Tea Rose. All pins in this collection are gold plated and hard enamel. The pins come with two rubber backs and an EvyB back stamp.

Galactic Reef Enamel Pins(2019)

Galactic Reef is a collection of enamel sea creatures inspired by nebulae and outer space! I love the galactic feel of anodized metal, also known as rainbow metal, and I wanted to combine it with the magical mystery of life under the sea. In addition, I decided to have all the designs made with gold plating as well.

My Galactic Reef enamel pin collection was funded through Kickstarter in March 2019(thanks to 144 amazing backers!), and will be available through my shop in late May or early June 2019.

Galactic Reef Enamel Pins: All Designs Available in Rainbow Metal and Soft Enamel, and in Gold Plating and Hard Enamel.

Launching April 24th: Arctic Nova (2019)

WIP designs: Arctic Nova

Arctic Nova is a constellation-inspired enamel pin collection I’ve created in collaboration with the wonderfully talented artist Georgina Swift. Georgina came up with a design aesthetic that sort of mixed our two styles together, and from this, we each designed three enamel pins:

My three ones are the Arctic Fox, the Orca Whale and the Leopard Seal. Georgina designed the Humpback Whale, the Emperor Penguin and the Polar Bear.

Our Arctic Nova Kickstarter campaign launches on April 24th 2019, and will run for two weeks only! 🙂

Coming Soon: Once Upon a Woodland (2019)

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