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Past Enamel Pin Club Collections

My name is Evy, and I am here to give you a complete introduction to my enamel pin club collection releases! My pin club members and I make these pins through my Patreon Pin Club. I am so excited to show you what we have made so far, so let’s dive in!

Four Enamel Pin Club Collections

I launched my monthly enamel pin club on Patreon back in January 2019. Consequently, my Patrons and I have produced three fully complete enamel pin collections! Currently, our fourth collection is in full swing:

Collection #4: Moon: a Cosmic Sea Trek

Moon - an enamel pin club collection by Evy Benita. This photo shows the two first hard enamel pins released for this collection, in both color variants (1: rose gold with pearlescent enamel; 2: gold plating with hard enamel).

My current pin club series is titled Moon: a Cosmic Sea Trek. This is a branching narrative of my Cosmic Sea collection, combining the mystery of space and sea.

Moon focuses specifically on the phases of the moon, where it combines each moon phase with a zone of the ocean.

For example, the first design of the series presented the “1st Quarter Moon” phase coupled the Mesopelagic Zone (200-1000m).

First Exclusive Enamel Pin Club Collection

Moon is my first ever Patreon-exclusive enamel pin club collection. Meaning that the enamel pins produced for this set is only available to purchase by my Patrons. Thus, once club rewards ship out, all remaining products are released in my Patreon Secret Shop.

Collection #3: Wonderland

Wonderland is my third ever enamel pin club collection, and this series features endangered animals. – Namely, animals in danger of going extinct, and may one day only be found in storybooks. The design collection presents in an art style influenced by illustrated picture books. Each design in the set features a mother with her cub.

This collection introduces 12 enamel pins: six unique animal designs released in two separate color editions. I released Wonderland in monthly intervals frorm February to August 2020.

Wonderland Design Releases:

Month Released:Design Name:
February 2020Bengal Tiger Enamel Pin
April 2020African Painted Dog Enamel Pin
May 2020Giant Panda Enamel Pin
June 2020Black Rhinoceros Enamel Pin
July 2020Red Panda Enamel Pin
August 2020Koala Enamel Pin
We paused during March 2020 due to the first UK COVID-19 lockdown.

Collection #2: Flow

Flow is my second enamel pin club collection. This series presents aquatic animals “in flow” with nature.

I released the first design in August 2019, and the final design in January 2020 accordingly.

Flow Design Releases:

Month Released:Design Name:
August 2019Sea Otter Enamel Pin
September 2019Sea Turtle Enamel Pin
October 2019Giant Oceanic Manta Ray Enamel Pin
November 2019Whale Shark Enamel Pin
December 2020Hourglass Dolphin Enamel Pin
January 2020Speckled Axolotl Enamel Pin

Collection #1: Sleeping Beauties

Sleeping Beauties was my first enamel pin club collection, and third pin collection ever. This series did not focus on a specific group of animals, but rather portrayed a line-up of six cute species curled up in a ball and ready for a nap.

Sleeping Beauties Design Releases:

Month Released:Design Name:
February 2019Pangolin Enamel Pin
March 2019Axolotl Enamel Pin
April 2019Clouded Leopard Enamel Pin
May 2019Angora Bunny Enamel Pin
June 2019Parakeet Enamel Pin
July 2019Tanuki Enamel Pin

Future Enamel Pin Club Collection Themes?

Are you interested in finding out how my enamel pin club collections are selected? Or how I go about designing them? Join my Patreon!

Every enamel pin club collection I release is voted in by my Patrons: a lovely group of people making this adventure possible.

Enamel Pin Club Collection Pitches

My design collections are voted in by Patrons. For instance, when a series is coming to an end, I will pitch three new ideas. It is then up to my Patrons to vote for their favorite concepts. Consequently, the winning pitch will become our next design collection.

Thank you so much for visiting my site today. I hope I’ll get to send you pin mail one day! Big hugs, – Evy <3