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Original enamel pins by Evy benita

I love designing new enamel pin collections! Check out my published design series below, or have a peek at my Projects page for what’s coming next.

Please note: I’m in the process of moving. Between May-October 2022, some collections will not be available. Collections are marked:

  • 🅥 Available while stocks last
  • 🅧 Temporarily unavailable
  • ◒ Coming soon

Past Patreon Collections

Thank you to my wonderful Patreon supporters for helping me bring these collections to life!

🅥 Sleeping Beauties

Kawaii clouded leopard enamel pin by Evy Benita

🅥 Flow

An enamel pin featuring an illustrated pink sea turle with a happy and peaceful expression, floating diagonally upwards in a calm pose.

🅥 Wonderland

An enamel pin in a semi-realistic style, but non-realistic colors, featuring two tigers (parent and cub) facing each other in a sweet and peaceful setting.

🅥 Moon

Moon: an enamel pin collection which combines the phases of the moon with the zones of the sea.

◒ Coastal

Eurasian Otter hard enamel pin available in two color editions.

🅥 Sidekicks Club I

Cute pampas cat enamel pins by Evy Benita

Made with Kickstarter

Thank you to my wonderful Kickstarter backers for making these pin collections a reality!

🅧 Winter

Rose Gold Winter Antarctic Puffin Enamel Pin

🅥 Galactic Reef

A galactic dumbo octopus enamel pin designed by Evy Benita. The pin has gold plating, flat and hard enamel, and raised metal edges. The design is inspired by nebulae and completed in a soft and simple color palette.

🅧 Once Upon a Woodland

🅧 Mermaids of the Earth

Pink Shell Manta Ray enamel pin doll by Evy Benita

🅥 Cosmic Sea

A hammerhead shark enamel pin made with translucent enamel. This gives the pin a stunning "sea glass" effect. The surface of the enamel is uneven, imitating the feel of sea glass.

🅥 The Lotls

🅧 Floral Bouquet

🅥 Bumblin’ Bees

Cute bumblebee enamel pin by Evy Benita. The image shows scratches to the plating, which is the reason behind the B-Grade discount.

◒ Arctic Nova

Orca whale enamel pin in hard enamel and silver plating: mounted onto a backing card and packaged in a cellophane bag.

Charity Collections

Each pin sold makes a difference in the world! Read more on my Charity Pins page.

🅥 Amazon Rainforest

A beautiful coati enamel pin made with hard enamel and KC gold plating. The pin depicts a ring-tailed coati in a stylized design aesthetic. The coati is surrounded by green foliage on all sides.

🅥 Pins for Australia

A cute kawaii enamel pin featuring the Blue-Tongued Skink: an Australian reptile.

🅥 Pins Against Poaching

Clouded leopard enamel pin

I’m constantly designing new collections for my store, and most are available at discounted pre-orders throughout the year. See what’s next on my Projects page.

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