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Day 16︱Advent in August

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Today’s deal is a very, very special one, featuring some of my favorite pins from my inventory. The Gold Edition Galactic Reef Collection is composed of gold plating and elegant shades of pink, purple and white hard enamel.

– 3 for 2 on Gold Edition Galactic Reef Pins –

For the next 24 hours, a limited number of my Galactic Reef Gold Edition pins are available at 3 for 2! This brings them the closest to Kickstarter prices they’ll ever be, so this is a wonderful chance to pick up a piece from the set 🙂

  • Galactic Axolotl Enamel Pin in Sunny Gold Plating

  • Manta Ray (GOLD) – Galactic Reef Collection

  • Golden Pastel Sunflower Starfish Hard Enamel Pin

  • Whale Shark (GOLD) – Galactic Reef Collection

  • Dumbo Octopus (GOLD) – Galactic Reef Collection

  • Hawaiian Monk Seal Enamel Pin in Polished Gold Plating

  • Starfish Comet (GOLD) – Galactic Reef Collection

  • Jellyfish (GOLD) – Galactic Reef Collection


I hope you enjoy!






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