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Weedy Seadragon enamel pins in progress

Cosmic Sea: Pins Have Finished in Production!

Hi friends,

I’m just popping by with a quick update to say that the Cosmic Sea pins have finished in production, and should be arriving at mine any day now.

Once the pins arrive here, I will be grading them for approximately two weeks, and then begin the packaging and shipping process.

Washi Tapes

The washi tapes are running slightly behind schedule, and won’t be ready until February. I will make sure to keep you updated on the development of these.

Shipping Timeline

I will begin shipping out orders on January 25th and estimate that all preorders will have been shipped by February 10th at the latest.

Please note that changes to this timeline can occur, but I will do my very best to stick to it and will update you further if delays should occur.

Thank you for being part of Cosmic Sea with me! Big hugs,

– Evy 🙂