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Cosmic Sea: Grading Enamel Pins

This week, I will be grading the remaining enamel pins that got funded through my Cosmic Sea Kickstarter. This includes half of the “Icy Edition” set, plus all of the designs from the “Original Limited Edition” set.

Icy Edition pins ready for backing cards!

What does “grading” mean for enamel pins?

Grading enamel pins simply refers to quality checking. I use four grades, or categories, for my enamel pin grading system.

Each pin maker will have their own way of grading pins, but the category names are very often the same, and standards don’t tend to vary much.

Deep-Sea Edition Man O War pins

I love how the Man O War dangle-pins turned out! These are true statement pieces, and I can’t wait to pop one into my ita bag 😛

Deep-Sea Edition Anglerfish pins

The Deep-Sea Edition was by far the favorite palette for the Anglerfish. I can’t wait for them to reach people!

A vibrant and cartoon-style stingray enamel pin with dangle tail
Tropical Edition Stingray pins

I’m in love with how the Tropical Edition colors turned out. They feel almost like a tribute to the Mystery Machine.

Haha, but my pinboard has certainly seen better days. I had to retire it after grading the Tropical Edition pins. I’m thinking of adding a coat of paint to recycle it into a display board 🙂

Check out that rainbow shine! The Wobbegong Shark enamel pins definitely got some of the best touches of rainbow metal. I love how they turned out.

Shipping Timeline:

The first Cosmic Sea pins will begin shipping tomorrow (28/01). This will mainly include orders and pledges with Deep-Sea Edition and Tropical Edition pins.

I plan to have completed all preorders by February 15th. If you’ve placed a preorder, you should receive a shipping confirmation when your order has been dispatched.

Need to change your address?

If you’ve placed a preorder and need to change your address, please send me an email at info@evybenita.com 🙂

More Photos?

Want to see how all the other pins turned out? Head over to my Cosmic Sea shop section, the preorder images have been replaced with photos of the final pins!

Big hugs,

-Evy 🙂