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Color Sample: Lemur Enamel Pin (Pins Against Poaching)

Hey art pals,

I just received a color sample, and I wanted to show it to you! 🙂

This is the Lemur enamel pin from my Pins Against Poaching collection. Quite a few pins from this set use a lot of grays. These light swatches of gray tend to look almost identical in digital visuals, and so I wanted to test them out in physical format before heading into mass production.

Color Sample

I love the white and the darkest tones in the Lemur sample, but there’s one color I’d like to change: Pantone 656C.

Color Samples: Ring-Tailed Lemur Enamel Pin
(please note: these have yet to receive their gold plating)

For the Ring-Tailed Lemur, I decided to swap “Pantone 656 C” to “Pantone Cool Gray 1 C”, as used on the head speckled of my Rainforest Albino Axolotl:

I think Cool Gray 1 C will make the final lemur pins stay much closer to the pre-order visuals. 656 C, although beautiful, just didn’t correspond to the pre-order visuals enough for me to feel comfortable using it.

For the other pins in this set, I feel like 656 C is the perfect fit in order to stay true to the visuals. The walruses, blue whale, rhino and elephant designs will keep their 656 C swatch: