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Charity Work

Welcome to my vault of charity enamel pins! This page includes an overview of my enamel pin collections created specifically to raise donations towards protecting wildlife, reforesting habitats, and helping out conservation centers.

Shop adoptions by Evy Benita

Thanks to your support, my shop has been able to sponsor individual animals and organizations:

  • Walter and Timothy from the Donkey Sanctuary
  • A penguin from the Zoological Society
  • A monthly donation to the Humane Society International

Overview: My Charity Enamel Pin Collections

Evy Benita's logo followed by the title "Wonderland"

“Wonderland” is an enamel pin collection featuring mammals threatened by habitat loss, and who might one day only be found in storybooks. The design collection takes on an aesthetic inspired by illustrated children’s books, and each pin badge presents a mother and child scenario.

One of my charity enamel pins: a vibrant enamel pin presenting a black rhino mother with her baby. The two are depicted in a semi-realistic art style, and stand surrounded by screenprinted foliage. The enamel pin is made from fresh green, blue and grey shades of hard enamel, and raised outlines in gold plated metal.

Donations Made From My Wonderland Charity Enamel Pins:

Month Raised: Trees Planted:
February 2020 150, Global
March 2020: 158, Kenya
May 2020: 172, The Philippines
June 2020: 174, Kenya
July 2020: 183, Indonesia
August 2020: 176, Australia
February 2020 – December 2020: 116, Amazon Rainforest

In 2021, I am planting one tree per pin sold from my Wonderland collection. The planting location will vary throughout the year, and you will be able to track it both here, as well as on my Instagram. Just ask me if you can’t find it 🙂

In the summer of 2020, I came up with an aquatic design collection in response to the #MakersForVanAqua initiative on Instagram. The goal was to raise donations for the Vancouver Aquarium during their COVID closures.

Month Raised Donations Made:
May 2020 – Jan 2021 $91 raised, rounded up to $100.
Donated to the Vancouver Aquarium

The donation recipient of this collection might change in 2021, but each wooden charity pin sold will form a donation of £0.50:

Cute chibi Wobbegong Shark wooden pin badge by Evy Benita
Evy Benita's logo followed by the title "Pins for Australia"

“Pins for Australia” is a growing collection of charity enamel pins, created in aid of the 2020 wildfires. Donations have been made to Wildlife Victoria, Kangaroo Island and One Tree Planted. Our next donation will be planting trees in New Zealand.

Month Raised Donations Made:
Jan 2020 – Feb 2020 $2971.15, Wildlife Victoria
$500 (AUD), Kangaroo Island
Mayor’s Bushfire Appeal Fund (Fundraiser)
March 2020 – Jan 2021 60 Trees in Australia, One Tree Planted

In 2021, I will be planting one tree per item sold from my “Pins for Australia” collection:

Evy Benita's logo followed by the title "Pins Against Poaching"

Pins Against Poaching raises donations towards ending illegal hunting of protected animals. Our first donation was made to Global Conservation Force; an awesomely active anti-poaching charity I highly encourage you to check out.

Our second donation was made to IAPF: the International Anti-Poaching Foundation. They have a program called “Akashinga – Nature Protected by Women”, which I am madly in love with. The newly established program works to end poaching, while also creating jobs for 1000 women by 2025.

Month Raised Donations Made:
Jan 2020 – Feb 2020 $300, Global Conservation Force
March 2020 – Jan 2021 £308, International Anti-Poaching Foundation

In 2021, I will continue to donate £1 per pin sold from my “Pins Against Poaching” collection:

Evy Benita's logo followed by the title "Charity Pangolins"

REST Namibia is a charity that strives to protect lesser known wildlife in Namibia, and is very dear to my heart. I came across their work while randomly browsing pangolin photos on the internet, and I instantly fell in love with their rescue mission.

Since our first donation of £60, we’ve raised £118 more that has yet to be donated. We’re working our way up to sponsoring a Pangolin Tracker at $500, which will allow REST Namibia to keep track of one more pangolin released back into the wild.

Month Raised Donations Made:
Up to Feb 2020 £60, REST Namibia
Feb 2020 – Jan 2021 £152 raised, donation not yet made.
Target: $500 (USD) to sponsor a Pangolin Tracker.

Our £152 is roughly $250 (calculated on Jan 11th, 2020). So we’re already halfway there! 😀

Pangolin Charity Enamel Pins

In 2021, I will be donating £1 to REST Namibia per pangolin pin sold. If you’d like to help fund the Pangolin Tracker, these are the perfect pins to pick up:

Evy Benita's logo followed by the title "Pins for the Amazon"
Month Raised Donations Made:
August 2019 – September 2019 $636 Donated to Amazon Watch
October 2019 – February 2020 $140 Donated to Amazon Watch
March 2020 – December 2020 37 Trees Planted in the Amazon Rainforest (Donation made to One Tree Planted)

In 2021, I will be planting one tree in the Amazon Rainforest per pin sold from my Rainforest charity enamel pins:

Thank You!

Thank you so much for checking out my growing vault of charity enamel pins. And, if you’ve been part of making these donation happen: thank you even more!

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