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Shipping Updates: The Lotls + Pins for Australia

The Lotls pre-orders are officially shipping this week! Pins for Australia pre-orders: Pins for Australia Emails have gone out to everyone whose pre-orders are ready to ship. I sent these individually to make sure no one was missed, so if you pre-ordered anything from this collection and have not added later pre-orders to your order […]

Color Sample: Lemur Enamel Pin (Pins Against Poaching)

Hey art pals, I just received a color sample, and I wanted to show it to you! 🙂 This is the Lemur enamel pin from my Pins Against Poaching collection. Quite a few pins from this set use a lot of grays. These light swatches of gray tend to look almost identical in digital visuals, […]

“The Lotls” Pre-Order Update

Hi friends, Wow, The Lotls sure saw its share of delays. But I’m happy to let you know that the majority of the designs just arrived at my HQ, and the rest are only a few weeks behind them. Here are some of the cuties that just arrived: Updated Delivery Timeline: May 20th: Finish grading […]

They’re Here! Pins for Australia

The “Pins for Australia” charity pins are in, and they look STUNNING! Timeline Update: May 7th: Finish grading May 14th: Ship all “Pins for Australia” pre-orders (unless these are waiting for other pre-order collections)

Cosmic Sea: Grading Enamel Pins

This week, I will be grading the remaining enamel pins that got funded through my Cosmic Sea Kickstarter. This includes half of the “Icy Edition” set, plus all of the designs from the “Original Limited Edition” set. What does “grading” mean for enamel pins? Grading enamel pins simply refers to quality checking. I use four […]

Cosmic Sea: Backing Cards Preview

Showing a visual mockup of the four backing card designs for my Cosmic Sea enamel pin collection. A visual of an enamel pin shark is placed on top of each card to demonstrate how the full products will look when finished in production.

Wow, we’re moving into exciting times for “Cosmic Sea“! Judging by my tracking number, our pins should be arriving this weekend… Woohoo! Backing Cards Preview I wanted to share a little backing card preview with you all! These are just visuals so the colors might look slightly different, but this is what we’re going for: […]

Cosmic Sea: Pins Have Finished in Production!

Hi friends, I’m just popping by with a quick update to say that the Cosmic Sea pins have finished in production, and should be arriving at mine any day now. Once the pins arrive here, I will be grading them for approximately two weeks, and then begin the packaging and shipping process. Washi Tapes The […]

Shipped: Mermaids of the Earth

After three weeks of packing orders and rewards, I can happily announce to you that all Mermaids of the Earth boxes have shipped! This includes both Kickstarter rewards and preorders 🙂