Evy Benita

Shipping Updates: The Lotls + Pins for Australia

The Lotls pre-orders are officially shipping this week! Pins for Australia pre-orders: Pins for Australia Emails have gone out to everyone whose pre-orders are ready to ship. I sent these individually to make sure no one was missed, so if you pre-ordered anything from this collection and have not added later pre-orders to your order […]

Color Sample: Lemur Enamel Pin (Pins Against Poaching)

Hey art pals, I just received a color sample, and I wanted to show it to you! 🙂 This is the Lemur enamel pin from my Pins Against Poaching collection. Quite a few pins from this set use a lot of grays. These light swatches of gray tend to look almost identical in digital visuals, […]

Cosmic Sea: Grading Enamel Pins

This week, I will be grading the remaining enamel pins that got funded through my Cosmic Sea Kickstarter. This includes half of the “Icy Edition” set, plus all of the designs from the “Original Limited Edition” set.

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