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Category: Advent in August

Day 31︱Advent in August

[elfsight_countdown_timer id=”35″] I can’t believe we’re already at the end of August! I hope you’ve had a wonderful month, and I hope Advent in August was fun for you 🙂 Today I present to you the final deal of the event:

Day 30︱Advent in August

[elfsight_countdown_timer id=”34″] My “Fire & Ice” Ratfish set is one of my favorite sets that I’ve created. They remind me of the fjords back home in Norway, and I love how the warm enamels contrast the cold. And yet somehow I’ve hardly ever featured them! What?!

Day 25︱Advent in August

[elfsight_countdown_timer id=”29″] I love adding free gifts to boxes! In the past I’ve offered a free pin along with orders over £35, but since today is one of the last days of my Advent in August event, I wanted to take things a bit further:

Day 22︱Advent in August

[elfsight_countdown_timer id=”26″] It was this sweet blob of the deep sea that first drew my attention to marine life. I had seen salmon, I had seen dolphins, but I never knew there were such peculiar and wondrous creatures as this blob living on our planet. Fast foward a decade, and here we are!