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Five pin designs in gold(red fox, badger, rabbit, red squirrel and Scottish wildcat), and five cute pins in rose gold(a deer, a hedgehog, a river otter, a pine marten, and a mouse).

Bohemian Burrows: a collaborative enamel pin collection by two UK pin makers

I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed my first year as a pin maker. The world of enamel pins is absolutely wonderful, and with such a rich variety of independent artists spreading their beautiful creations out into the world, what’s not to love?

Arctic Nova: my first enamel pin collaboration (April 2019)

Earlier this year I announced my collaborative Kickstarter together with Georgina Swift from @Swiftterly. Our Arctic Nova collection of constellation-inspired enamel pins was fully funded, and the pins are just about ready to come out of production as we speak.

Six enamel pins with constellation patterns: a leopard seal, a polar bear, an orca whale, an emperor pengiun, an arctic fox, and a humpback whale.
Arctic Nova: enamel pins inspired by constellations and the Arctic sky. By Georgina Swift and Evy Benita.

Bohemian Burrows: my brand new enamel pin collaboration (June 2019)

This June, I’ve teamed up with the wonderful Emma Grey from @HighlandBilby to bring you a brand new enamel pin collection. Inspired by British wildlife and Bohemian fashion, Bohemian Burrows brings you ten cute pins in hard enamel:

Bohemian Burrows: an enamel pin collection by Emma “Bilby” Grey and Evy Benita

Bohemian Burrows includes ten designs: five in rose gold plating, and five in gold plating. Emma and I have designed an equal amount each. Her designs include the rabbit pin, the mouse, the badger pin, the doe, and the pine marten. My designs include the hedgehog pin, the red fox pin, the otter, the red squirrel, and the Scottish wildcat pin.

Having said that, we each had a “collaborator” say in each other’s designs. That’s my favorite thing about design collaborations: you learn so much from your collaborators! It’s a great way of expanding your art style. For instance, I would have never thought to create a pin collection with mixed plating variations. That was all Emma, and it was a fantastic idea that brought a truly unique touch to our pin designs 🙂

Our Bohemian Burrows Kickstarter will finish up in five days from now. If you’re checking this out after the campaign has ended, you’ll be able to find the enamel pin designs either as pre-order listings in mine and Emma’s separate shops, or as real life enamel pins! <3


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