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Day 08︱Advent in August

Wooden pins is one of my two absolute favorite products to create. All my wooden pins are made right here in the UK, created from sustainably grown and sourced European Birch.

Today, I present to you a very special 3-for-2 offer:

– 3 for 2 on all Wooden Pins –

I hope you enjoy!






Day 07︱Advent in August

Today’s “Advent in August” deal features my absolute favorite-ever enamel pin effect: semi-translucent glitter!

– Event-Exclusive Glitter Curations –

For today only, snatch up a trio of sparkly pins at only £7 each:

I hope you enjoy!






Day 06︱Advent in August

It’s time for the very first Advent in August product launch! For the next 24 hours, you will be able to pick my new nudibranch pins up at special Kickstarter prices:

– New: Red Nembrotha Kubaryana and Rainbow Jorunna –

These pins will be ready to ship at the end of August, just in time for when my shop re-opens for shipping 🙂

Your new sea bunny friends can’t wait to meet you! 🙂






Day 05︱Advent in August

Anyone else addicted to cute bear videos? “The Bear” enamel pin from my Once Upon a Woodland collection, with his floofy dangle tail, is one of my personal favorites from the pins I’ve made. I have him on my backpack and he travels with me on all of my world adventures. And today, I would like to offer his pin to you for a sweet, event-exclusive deal!

– The Bear –

Use the code BEARHUG for £3 off The Bear pins:

The bears can’t wait to meet you!






Day 04︱Advent in August

Today’s deal is a real special treat! For the next 24 hours, Mermaids of the Earth “Lucky Dip” mystery seconds pins are available for only £8! These pins are normally £11.50, so you save a minimum of £3.50 per pin. Plus, the lucky dip selection also includes now sold-out designs of these limited edition pins, so there are treasures to be discovered!

– Mystery Mermaid Pin –

    I hope you enjoy this special!






    Day 03︱Advent in August

    Cartoony kawaii unicorn pufferfish stickers in adorable pastel colors.

    I have a treasure box storage of stickers from previous, long sold out sticker products I used to offer in my shop. All orders of £5 or more placed today will include a glossy paper Unicorn Pufferfish sticker. Another mystery sticker product from sold-out designs will be included for every £5 spent.

    Your free mystery stickers will be added to your cart automatically when your cart reaches £5 (approx. 7 USD). Ready to get started?

    Browse the Shop! –


    This deal is available for 24 hours only, and expires on 

    I hope you enjoy this special!

    Cartoony kawaii unicorn pufferfish stickers in adorable pastel colors.





    Day 02︱Advent in August

    It’s time for our very first ever “3 for 2” deal! My inventory of Limited Edition washi tapes is running low, and I would like to help the last few cuties find new forever homes. So today, I present to you an exciting shop offer:

    3 for 2 on All Washi Tapes

    For 24 hours only, all my washi tapes are available in a “3 for 2” special! When you add three to your cart, the cheapest one will automatically be counted as a free product. Check the deal out here:

    I hope you enjoy this special!

    Washi tape featuring yellow "golden" axolotls in an adorable cartoon art style. Illustrated by Evy Benita.





    2020 Official Prompt List for Seatember: a September Art and Illustration Challenge

    "Seatember 2020 official prompt list"

    You ready to participate in Seatember 2020? Today is the first of August, which means we’re only one month away from September. This year, I’m revealing the prompt list one month early in order to give participants time to research, plan and brainstorm before the big kickoff on September 1st.

    PS: Free art challenge worksheet bundle further down in this post 🙂

    What is “Seatember”?

    Seatember is an ocean- and marine-themed one-month long illustration challenge that runs throughout September each year. It encourages artists and creatives to create sea-themed illustrations every day of September. It’s a great opportunity to learn and/or spread awareness of different marine animals, habitats and fun facts.

    I created the Seatember illustration and art challenge last year, and I was thrilled to see other people participate in it. This year, the challenge is back for its second year of existence.

    Seatember 2020 Official Prompt List

    "Seatember 2020 official prompt list"


    This year I am also publishing a series of worksheets for Seatember. These are completely optional, and demonstrate how I personally prepare for a monthly creative challenge. If this is your first time participating in a monthly drawing challenge, or if you have found it difficult to complete one in the past, then these might be helpful!

    Worksheets can be downloaded here:

    Tag Me?

    I would absolutely love to see your creations! If you do decide to participate in my Seatember art challenge and share your work online, make sure to use the challenge hashtags and mention me (@evybenita) in your caption. I’ll be featuring tons of pieces in my Instagram stories and retweeting on Twitter.

    Seatember Art Challenge Tags

    • #seatember
    • #seatember2020
    • #evybenita

    Other useful hashtags of art challenges are:

    #artchallenge #illustrationchallenge #artprompts #drawingchallenge #draweveryday #dailysketch #illustrationart #septemberartchallenge #drawingchallenge #sketchbookchallenge

    Day 01 – Advent in August

    A circular-sih hard enamel pin depicting a watchful horned owl in a blue and white stylized winter landscape.

    Today marks the first day of Advent in August, and I thought it would be fun to feature another “first” from my pin maker journey:

    – The Horned Owl –

    Use the coupon NIGHTOWL for £3 off each Horned Owl pin:

    This deal expires on August 1st 2020, 23:59 BST. If you’d like to take home a horned owl enamel pin, this is your chance! 🙂

    Advent in August – A Mystery Shopping Event

    Text reads "Advent in August".

    This August, my shop will be hosting its very first advent calendar! Wait, what? Okay, bear with me on this… As some of you may know, my shop is normally closed for all of August. This year, I have decided to do things slightly different, where every day of August will introduce a brand new 24-hour flash deal!

    Washi tape featuring yellow "golden" axolotls in an adorable cartoon art style. Illustrated by Evy Benita.

    Orders placed during the event will be shipped on September 10th. You only need to pay for shipping once 🙂

    Event Begins:Event Ends:
    August 1st 2020, 00:01 BSTAugust 31st 2020, 23:59 BST

    Every day of August will see a new deal revealed here on my blog. There are 31 deals to be revealed in total, and each deal is available for 24 hours only.

    Don’t miss out! Subscribe below to receive email notifications whenever a new deal goes live:

    I keep your data private and share your data only with third parties that are essential to keep my website, newsletter and business possible. Read our Privacy Policy.

    This event presents four types of deals:

    A cute kawaii banner featuring a cartoon axolotl head, with text which reads: "Free gift".

    Free gifts are included in three of the deals throughout August. These will require a minimum order (on that day) of £20-£35 depending on the deal. Once you qualify, the freebie will be added to your cart automatically.

    A cute kawaii banner featuring a cartoon axolotl head, with text which reads: "Product Special".

    Product Specials will feature one specific product or a themed group, each at a highly discounted price. Product Specials are event-exclusives, meaning they will never re-appear in future events.

    In short, the products will be the cheaper than they’ll ever be again.

    A cute kawaii banner featuring a cartoon axolotl head, with text which reads: "Launch Special".

    Launch Specials will introduce brand new products to my shop, at a super special launch price! Launch prices will be similar to those you’ll see me use on Kickstarter, so, in short: way lower than normal.

    A cute kawaii banner featuring a cartoon axolotl head, with text which reads: "3 for 2".

    I have been wanting to add a 3 for 2 feature in my shop for the longest time, and it has finally happened! This will be the feature’s big debut, where you can enjoy 3 for 2 on selected products.

    3 for 2 deals will not include enamel pins, but will feature a nice selection of other products in my shop.

    Ideally, I would like for there to be no shipping charge at all, ever. But since I can’t get the Royal Mail to deliver my packages for free (outrageous, I know :P), I have come up with an alternative:

    Throughout the event, you’ll be able to combine all your orders into the same box. This way, you’ll only have to pay for shipping once.

    How to Unlock Free Combined Shipping

    You will only need to pay for shipping once during this event:
    1. When placing your first order, simply select the shipping method of your choice.
    2. Your “Order Confirmation” email will include a coupon that lets you unlock free combined shipping all throughout August.
    3. All your orders will then ship together on September 10th.
    And that’s it! Easy peasy!

    Every new “Deal of the Day” will be published on my pin maker blog. I hope you enjoy the event! Hugs, – Evy <3