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New YouTube Video: Seatember Art Challenge Review (Part 1/3)

In this Procreate-based tour we revisit the first 10 of my illustrations created throughout the month of September for my “Seatember” art challenge.

I hope you enjoy it!

Upcoming Enamel Pin Kickstarter Campaign

I will be running an enamel pin Kickstarter project for these designs in early 2021. I had so much fun completing Seatember 2020 and I’m super excited to see how the Kickstarter project turns out!

If you’d like to be notified when Seatember 2020 goes live on Kickstarter, you can follow my Kickstarter creator profile 🙂

Seatember Review Parts 2 + 3

I decided to split this video into three parts in order to keep the length reasonable. To stay up to date on my videos, subscribe to my Evy Benita YouTube channel! Or even better: get early access by becoming a Mantis Shrimp Patron 🙂

Bumblin’ Bees – an enamel pin Kickstarter collaboration with Evy Benita & Pin+Ink

Me and my friend, Rozie, over at Pin+Ink, just launched our very first collaborative design collection: Bumblin’ Bees!

Bumblin’ Bees is an enamel pin collection that aims to spread awareness of bee conservation, as well as equipping bee fans with cute accessories to wear with pride.

Kickstarter is my crowdfunding platform of choice, and I use it to bring my larger enamel pin collections to life with the help of wonderful Kickstarter backers. To stay up to date on my latest campaigns, you can follow my Kickstarter Creator Profile!


– Evy 🙂

Day 31︱Advent in August

I can’t believe we’re already at the end of August! I hope you’ve had a wonderful month, and I hope Advent in August was fun for you 🙂 Today I present to you the final deal of the event:

– Minor Imperfection Manta Ray Mermaids –

For 24 hours only, both my Giant Oceanic Manta Ray Mermaids are available at £9 each. These have minor imperfections that are just a bit too prominent for me to feel comfortable selling them as A Grades. They’re still gorgeous pins and will make wonderful gifts for any ocean fan or real life mermaids in your life <3

Lots of hugs! – Evy 🙂





Day 30︱Advent in August

My “Fire & Ice” Ratfish set is one of my favorite sets that I’ve created. They remind me of the fjords back home in Norway, and I love how the warm enamels contrast the cold. And yet somehow I’ve hardly ever featured them! What?!

– Fire & Ice Ratfish Set –

Today’s deal is an event-exclusive, and will never return to my shop. For 24 hours only, you can pick up my Fire & Ice Ratfish set for £10:

Lots of hugs! – Evy 🙂





Day 29︱Advent in August

Today, all my digital products are available at 50% off!

– 50% off Digital Products –

This page displays a maximum of 12 products. For all the products available, head over to my Digital Download product section! 🙂

Lots of hugs! – Evy 🙂





Day 28︱Advent in August

Today’s curation was a lot of fun to put together. Introducing three enamel pins that never fail to make me smile:

– Pins that Make Me Smile –

Lots of hugs! – Evy 🙂





Day 27︱Advent in August

Do you like stickers? Then today’s deal might trigger a lil smile!

– 3 for 2 on All Stickers –

I hope you have a lovely day! <3





Day 26︱Advent in August

Today I present you with a cute little curation of stingrays! <3

– Creature Feature: Stingrays –

Your new rays cannot wait to meet you!





Day 25︱Advent in August

I love adding free gifts to boxes! In the past I’ve offered a free pin along with orders over £35, but since today is one of the last days of my Advent in August event, I wanted to take things a bit further:

– Free Mystery Pin with every £35 Spent –

For 24 hours only, you will receive one mystery enamel pin per £35 spent on items in my shop! 🙂 The pin(s) will be added to your cart automatically, and could end up being any of the pins I’ve made.

– Thank you for visiting me today! –





Day 24︱Advent in August

– Winter Collection 25% Off –

Winter was my first ever enamel pin collection. Today, they’re available at 25% off for the first time ever!

– Thank you for popping by today! 🙂 –