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Looking for suppliers for your small business, but not sure where to start? Below are some of my favorite manufacturers! I use all of these for my business and highly recommend them.

I hope this page is useful to you. All links are affiliate, so if you use them, you get a welcome discount and I get referral perks. Win win <3


Zap Creatives

Wooden Pins | Stickers | Charms | Standees

Zap Creatives is an eco-conscious manufacturer based in the UK. I make all my wooden pins and eco stickers with them.

Get 10% off with code EVY10

Jiayue Pins

Enamel Pins | Necklaces

I make my enamel pins with Jiayue Pins. I have worked with them since 2018 and 100% recommend them for any enamel pin project.

If you email my rep and mention my name, he’ll give you a welcome discount. Contact email: joey@jiayuepins.com

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Charms | Acrylic Pins | Plush Pillows | Mouse Pads | More

Vograce makes tons of customized products and their minimum order quantity (MOQ) is super low.

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Notepads | Backing Cards | Packaging

I’ve ordered from Solopress since my uni days and I still go back. They print my notepads and all my rounded corner backing cards.

Get 10% off orders over £50

Pindex Craft

Mouse Pads | Plushies | Acrylic Charms | More

I’ve worked with Pindex Craft several times. They made my phone grips, all my acrylic earrings, and even some of my pin banners.

My rep is Tina and you can contact her through Instagram.

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Gift Wrap | Greeting Cards | Swing Tags

InstantPrint are great for greeting cards, flyers and printed merch. I use them for gift wrap, flyers and swing tags.

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Get £15 off your first order! (min. spend: £60)

Arteza is a brand of art supplies. They offer high-quality materials at mid-range prices (I wouldn’t call them cheap, but their prices are certainly lower than their mainstream competitors).

My favorite Arteza product is their set of acrylic markets. I particularly like the thin ones. I have loads of their other ones too, so if you’re ever curious, feel free to send me a message!

Get £15 off at Arteza


A fellow Scandie business! They sell me yarn.

I love Hobbii. They have a good variety of soft yarns and a huge variety of acrylic yarn.

Shop at Hobbii

Indie Shops

A selection of my favorite craft stores

These sites don’t offer affiliate links, but I wanted to mention them because they’re wonderful and independent:


Listed in my Amazon storefront

I have a bunch of my favorite materials listed in my Amazon Storefront.

I 100% recommend you get these supplies from your local art store if you have one. Shopping small makes the world a happy place, hehe.

But if you don’t have access to one, then Amazon is a tolerable alternative xD

Evy’s Amazon Storefront



Creative classes

Domestika is one of my two favorite places to take online classes.

I’ve purchased 20+ courses, and my favorites are: Kawaii Story Illustration, Amigurumi Character Creation, Sea Life Crochet Techniques, and Art Toy Creation (this last one is how I learned polymer clay!).

Browse Domestika


Creative classes

Skillshare is my other favorite course site. I’ve been a subscriber since 2018 and I love their variety of down-to-earth art classes. I particularly love THIS Nudibranch sculpting class by Stephanie Kilgast.

My link gives you one free month + 40% off your first year.

Get Skillshare


Jingsketch Brushes

A lovely brush pack for Procreate

Jingsketch has a whole line-up of amazing art tools available. My favorite is this collection of Procreate brushes. I use these all the time in my work.

There’s also an All-Access Pass which gives you additional goodies.

View Brushes


Wholesale for small businesses

I offer wholesale through Faire, and you can view my shop here. Interested in selling wholesale yourself? Join here!

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