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Showcasing the reverse side of the Lotl tote bags: the rainbow pattern is replaced with a plain-colored teal fabric.
Creating cute art for wildlife ♥

Hi, I'm, Evy!
I create art and enamel pins inspired by our planet's wonderful biodiversity. I started my small business with a goal to spread love for lesser-known species and inspire curiosity around wildlife.

Evy Benita's logo: a cartoon crab named Hank.

Through my work you can…

Discover cool species

Collect your favorite animals

Help rebuild wild habitats

Share your love for wildlife

Enjoy cute art

My schedule

I create new art during the evenings, as that's when I feel most inspired. During daytime I focus on...

Monday Packing orders
Tuesday Product photos
Wednesday The Lotls game art
Thursday Packing orders
Friday Video editing
Saturday Learning new things
Sunday Binging Blue Planet

Join me behind
the scenes

Every product you see in my shop is designed by me. On my YouTube channel, you can join me behind the scenes of my small business and see how I develop my designs.

Evy Benita's logo: a cartoon crab named Hank.