♡ Welcome, friend! ♡

About Evy Benita

Hi, I'm Evy!

Hi, friend!

I’m Evy Benita (she/her) and I love wildlife. I’m a digital illustrator and enamel pin maker. I grew up along the southern coast of Norway, and in 2012 I moved to the UK to pursue a career in art and design.

Today I run two independent brands: Evy Benita and The Lotls.

Celebrating Color

My work is centered around wildlife, and I love to dress it up in colorful aesthetics. I never grew out of my love for colorful clothing and accessories, something I’m thrilled about. Why wear monochrome when you can wear peach frogs and rainbow axolotls?

Brand Vision

Evy Benita is an environment-conscious illustration brand and I work hard to keep my carbon footprint as low as possible. I love technology, and I’m passionate about finding energy-efficient processes for my digital presence.

All my packaging is compostable and produced in the UK. I use recycled materials whenever that’s an option (i.e. cardboard mailers). There are loads of eco-friendly packaging options available these days, and for commerce, there’s simply no excuse to use plastic anymore.

Thank you so much for visiting me today! I hope you enjoy your stay <3

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