♡ Welcome! ♡

Hi, I’m Evy!

My name is Evy Benita. I’m an illustrator, enamel pin designer and wildlife enthusiast. Originally from Norway, I moved to the UK in 2012 to start my studies. Today, I run a small indie business together with my partner.

Current Activities

Product Design:

All the products you find here in my shop are designed by me, and manufactured by my top secret and carefully selected production partners 😉

Monthly Pin Club:

I run two monthly enamel pin clubs through Patreon: a platform where you can support your favorite artists, and get awesome rewards in return for your kindness.

Day-to-Day Shop Management

Lots of my days are spent packing orders, preparing design files for production, working on product presentation and social posts, as well as preparing crowdfunding budgets.

My partner and I manage our indie businesses together and help out with tasks across our different platforms. Together we also run a fun little start-up: The Lotls Games Company!