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NEW CHARITY COLLECTION FOR VAN AQUA EXPLORE WHAT'S NEW! PRE-ORDERS ARE LIVE! NEW Printable Display Banners! NEW Printable Planner Kits! An enamel pin featuring two leopard sharks circling around a spherical and glittery rocky reef. Visit Update Blog Placed a


Check out my Update Blog for behind-the-scenes pics & info!
A series of sketches showing how my pin design evolved. Join me behind the scenes on Patreon! Join me on YouTube!
Cute & Quirky
Cute & QuirkyEnamel Pins
Mermaidsof the Earth

Original Designs

All original designs inspired by wildlife and the earth

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Collectable Enamel Pins

Inspired by the Earth and all its wonderful beings. I especially love to feature lesser-known species deserving of attention ♡

Charity Designs

Let there be forests! Explore my growing collection of charity products that aim to plant trees all over the world, to restore habitats for the wonderful wildlife that surrounds us.

Explore Charity Pins
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